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Baguette collection Code BLB Pure Silver999 Ring – Perfect Pure Silver Ring with Reasonable Price

AED 220.38

Introduce the “Baguette collection Code BLB Pure Silver999 Ring” – a pure silver masterpiece. Elevate your look with this trendy and vibrant black enamel jewelry-striped ring. It’s a women’s statement ring. With this 999 pure silver ring, you may unleash the magic of black enamel jewelry. Shine lightly and proudly.


Material: Silver
Weight: 7.22 grams
Ratings: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Design: Black Enamel Jewelry
Type: Ring
Band: Cedilla Jewellery
Gender: Women
Dimensions: 10 × 9.5 × 4 cm

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Baguette collection Code BLB Pure Silver999 Ring:

The “Baguette collection Code BLB Pure Silver999 Ring” is a timeless combination of elegance and modernism. Elevate your look with this elegant silver ring designed specifically for women.


Product Benefits:

Incomparable elegance: Adorn yourself with the sophistication of our Baguette collection, featuring enamel stripes that offer a burst of bright color to your outfit.
Perfectly made: Crafted of pure silver999, this piece ensures durability and a long-lasting luster that fits your everyday style.
Versatile Style: Our silver rings are ideal for ladies since they seamlessly complement several fashion styles, making them a flexible addition to your jewelry collection.
Black Enamel Magic: Experience black enamel jewelry, where each ring tells a special story with its pure and energetic design.


Product Features:

Pure Silver999: Our ring has been carefully trended from the finest silver and has a purity of 999, ensuring an awesome and long-lasting piece of jewelry.
Enamel Stripes: By wearing this ring, you may experience the lightness of Black enamel jewelry stripes while adding a feature of color to your wardrobe.
Modern and Colorful: With our Baguette Collection, embrace the modern look of Black enamel jewelry. These rings are more than just accessories, they are fashionable, light statements that vibrate with today’s fashion trends.


Product Specifications:

Material: Silver 999
Design: Black Enamel Jewelry
Weight: 7.22 grams


Product Key Features:
Timeless Craftsmanship: Traditional craftsmanship meets modern design.
Durable Shine: Pure Silver 999 ensures long-lasting lightness.
Colorful Expression: Stripes of black enamel jewelry provide a trendy and colorful accent.
Versatility: Perfect for any event and ideal for all women.


Transform your look with our Baguette collection Code BLB Silver999 Ring – a work of art that transcends jewelry. Embrace the glamour of black enamel jewelry and the brilliance of sterling silver. Today improve your style.
Explore our collection of silver rings.


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